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MuRa´s Meister - Pole Transformation

Alien Skin - Eye Candy 5 Impact

Flaming Pear - Flexify 2

Xero - Porcelain



Foregroundcolor: #5c130c

Backgroundcolor: #fdf4d7

This translation is written with PSP13 but can also be made with earlier PSP versions.


Open a new transparent image of 750 x 550 px.

Fill with the foregroundcolor

Layers - New Raster Layer

Fill with the backgroundcolor

Open "mask edith 28.jpg" and minimize to tray

On your image

Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image - mask edith 28.jpg

Layers - Merge - Merge Group



Open "element_1.jpg"

Window - Duplicate

Close the original

On the copy - Selections - Select all

Open "calguismistredelegance2129.pspimage" - Copy and paste into the selection.

Selections - Select None

Layers - Merge - Merge all

Edit - Copy



Go to the big image- Edit - Paste as new layer

Move onto the first left bottom frame:

Layers - Duplicate - Move onto the middle frame

Layers - Duplicate - Move onto the right frame

It should look like this now:

Layers - Merge - Merge Down - Repeat Twice



Layers - Duplicate

Selection Tool - Rectangle - Custom Selection

Hit the delete key of your keyboard

Selections - Select None

Effects - Plugins - MuRa´s Meister - Pole Transform


Set the layer opacity of this layer to 50

Move  a little up like this:

Layers - Arrange - Move Down



Click on the top layer

Open "element_2.pspimage" - Copy and paste as new layer on your image

Move to the middle of the circle:

Layers - Merge - Merge Visible



Layers - Duplicate

Effects - Plugins -  Flaming Pear - Flexify 2:

Image - Resize - 30% - Resize all layers not checked

Effects -  Plugins - Alien Skin - Eye Candy 5 Impact  Perspective Shadow, Settings tab - Drop Shadow,Blurry

Move like this:

Layers - Duplicate

Image - Resize - 50% - Resize all layers not checked

Move like this:

Layers - Merge - Merge All

Effects - Plugins  -  Xero - Porcelain - Default

(Optional: For a better view on my page I have add a 1 px black border)

Add your name or watermark and your done!

 Tip: For my second example I selected the tube parts of element 2 and filled it with my foregroundcolor

This way you can use a tube of your own.

Thank you Angelika for testing this tutorial

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Translated October 27 - 2010 - PSP 13

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