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Mini Tutorial

How to move an image with  the Parameters of the Tool bar

This mini tutorial is written with PSP 2018 ULTIMATE by Corel, if you work with older versions some things might be slightly different


This is what you see in my translations or tutorals:


Press K on your keyboard to activate the Pick Tool

Enter these parameters the Toolbar:

X ---- and Y ----

Hit any key on your keyboard to close the Pick Tool


This is a different way to move a tube in your image then for example Offset version

This is what you do:

Press K on your keyboard to activate the Pick Tool

Or select it in PSP:

On the Toolbar you see al kinds of Parameters ( Do not look at the numbers, this is just an example!!)

The X and Y positions are the ones we are using:

You can type the numbers down or use the arrows

Hit any key on your keyboard and the Picktool wil be closed

The tube has now moved to this spot.




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